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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 990 2022

Instructions and Help about Form 990 2022

Good morning everyone welcome to the South Carolina State Library and our webinar on understanding the foundation tax returns this is a basic introduction to the wonderful world of IRS tax returns for Foundation and learning how to use them to find grants for your nonprofit organization coming to you live from the South Carolina State Library here we're in downtown Columbia for those of you that are here in Columbia you're welcome to come visit us we are at the corner of Senate wall and we are open to the public and for those of you who are not familiar with the State Library we are a state agency our primary purpose is to serve the public libraries in South Carolina all the state and federal funding that goes to public libraries comes through us we also pra lot of programming information to them we help them with if you've used any other Disqus databases where the agency that manages that program but when the resources that we also have here is our grants research collection and so you can come to the State Library to research grants for your nonprofit organization but there are some other sources that we have that would be also useful I'm your presenter I am Don Mullen I'm a reference librarian here at the State Library but I am also the supervisor of our grants research collection we've got my email listed there you can also find it on our website the grants collection we have your State Library is primarily grants for nonprofit organizations and it's open to the public anybody can come in and use it a little bit of information about our session this recording will be posted to our state library's YouTube channel so once it's been processed we'll be sticking it up there and I'll have a link to it from our website as well you can post questions at any time if possible I'll try to get to them within the session if not I'll try to answer them at the end of this we've also got some more training opportunities you can find on our state library website so what we have here this is our website State Library SC gov and a little bit about the resources that we offer here there's a lot of things that we do here at state library we do offer the talking book services that's for anybody in South Carolina they can't read regular print they can have books like keep calling them books on tape but they're no books on these cute little electronic cassettes it's a service for anybody in South Carolina that can't read regular print it can be mailed out to them they mail it back there's no charge it's a free service so if any of your nonprofit's you serve people that may have some sort of visual disability or other disability that prevents them from reading regular books you might want.

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