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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 990 ez instructions

Instructions and Help about irs form 990 ez instructions

Welcome to tax bandits officially filing for small businesses and nonprofits exempt organizations that have gross receipts less than $200,000 in total assets less than 500,000 are required to file a form 990-ez once you have logged in proceed to into your exempt organization details such as organization name employee identification number and address please note the organization name and yayan must match exactly as the IRS has it in their system next select the texture for which you are filing the return please note to check any of the additional questions if they apply next select your organization's formation date and your state in which your organization operates on the following page select the organization's current tax-exempt status based on organizations register types then choose yes or no if you are a 509 8 3 supporting organization this information is mandatory because it helps the application determine which form is best suited for you to e-file next pryour group return details if you are a member of a group extension only choose yes if you are a central or parent organization and use 990 forms to file on behalf of your subordinates in a group exemption now select the gross receipts and account method that best describes your organization this will further help text vendors to determine the right 990 Series form for you next choose between public charity or private foundation to define your organization and prthe required information about your charity and support status below describe your activities if you have got more than one public charity status the following additional questions are mandatory before proceeding to file form 990-ez after your input please review carefully and make sure your details are accurate before proceeding click edit if any changes need to be updated and proceed to file your return based on your data entry text vendors will verify their form 990-ez is the best option for you the form interview section of 990-ez varies for each organization that is chosen under select the type of activity that best describes your organization our interview process will take you step-by-step at the end you'll receive your completed short form 990 attached with the appropriate schedules that could be transmitted to the IRS here you must report your complete organization's revenues expenses net assets and a list of your officers and key employees begin by selecting which section you would like to complete you can also come back and complete the other parts make sure to answer all the necessary interview questions report all the revenue from activity substantially related to the organization exempt purposes that include gross revenues program service revenues and investment income or fundraising events report all your organization's expenses that include scholarships grants benefits paid professional fees maintenance rental publication and printing expenses every organization that files 990-ez must ensure all assets and liabilities are reported accurately on the net assets and balance sheet your organization statement of program service accomplishments list.